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Happy Labor Day!
3 September 2012

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15 October 2010

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Golden Gate Bridge
3 October 2010

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Thunderbird Solo
20 September 2009

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Accidental Abstract
19 March 2009

Recent Comments

Tim on Fall Color, South Lake Tahoe
nice shot of a calm day!

mauro brando on Fall Color, South Lake Tahoe
Nice shot!!! Great image!

Jim Plunkett on Southern Pacific 2467
As one of SP2467's Engine Crew, Thanks Bill. Great picture

omid on Fall Color, South Lake Tahoe
very nice shot! Lovely colors!

Denny Jump Photo on Fall Color, South Lake Tahoe
Bill sorry I missed this.....Don't get around much anymore :-) Miss lacking with you .....

Steve Rice on Fall Color, South Lake Tahoe
Nice colors.

L'Angevine on Fall Color, South Lake Tahoe

Steve Rice on Lunar Eclipse Under Clouds

L'Angevine on Lunar Eclipse Under Clouds

Denny Jump Photo on Lunar Eclipse Under Clouds
This is Awesome, Bill!! Love it :-)

Robert D. Burr on Lunar Eclipse Under Clouds

Jason Kravitz on Lunar Eclipse Under Clouds
dramatic with the clouds but too bad about the conditions overall we had a crystal clear view here in Belgium though it ...

Steve Rice on Moonrise Folsom Lake 2015
Totally beautiful, Bill!

Chetan on Moonrise Folsom Lake 2015
Beautiful moment and scenery.

L'Angevine on Moonrise Folsom Lake 2015

DarkElf on Moonrise Folsom Lake 2015
wonderful light and superb colour tones!

L'Angevine on The Beauty of Fall
génial le bleu du bois

Shar on Faux Waterfall
Lovely abstract! great title!

Shar on The Beauty of Fall
Lovely saturated colours!

Harry on The Beauty of Fall

Steve Rice on The Beauty of Fall
Quite a lovely shot of this yellow carpet.

Denny Jump Photo on The Beauty of Fall
Beautiful, Bill...been missing you :-) Looks like Modesto Ash leaes :-)All the best to you, Judy, and Family!

beach on The Beauty of Fall
nice perspective of fall

Shaahin Bahremand on The Beauty of Fall
well done

Tim on Faux Waterfall
great eye for simplicity!

Shaahin Bahremand on Faux Waterfall
excellent shot

omid on Faux Waterfall
woooow! very nice shot with beautiful frame, colors & textures! Amazing!

Steve Rice on Faux Waterfall
A cool find. It's amazing all the neat stuff we can find if we try.

L'Angevine on Faux Waterfall
oh génial

Denny Jump Photo on Faux Waterfall
I love the title as well as the composition :-) Cool ...

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Faux Waterfall
natures artwork.

L'Angevine on Sunflower

Steve Rice on Sunflower
Beautiful sun! She's so good.

Denny Jump Photo on Sunflower
Uh Oh! Here comes another Brown behind the camera!! Beautiful job here, Bill She is a natural!

Eric Cousineau on Sunflower
Your granddaughter definitely has talent Bill! Definitely encourage her to continue! ;-)

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Sunflower
Your Granddaughter has a good eye for a photograph.

L'Angevine on Hello!

Calusarus on Sunflower
A huge sun…

Elaine Hancock on Hello!
She did a spectacular job! A wonderful image! This little guy looks so inquisitive! A fabulous portrait!

Steve Rice on Dandelion Phase Two
Beautiful! I like the contrast and saturation.

Steve Rice on Hello!
Perfect shot! Your granddaughter is ready for her own camera. She's probably already let you know that. ;-)

Moridi on Hello!
Very nice. Superb.

L'Angevine on Dandelion Phase Two

Amirreza Tavassoli on Hello!
very lovely colors and subject :))))))

Calusarus on Hello!
A cute portrait.

L'Angevine on Dandy Blossom

Steve Rice on Dandy Blossom
A beautiful, crisp image.

Steve Rice on What to Eat???
I had one of those lenses and loved it. It was razor sharp. So is the one you're using.

L'Angevine on What to Eat???

Anthony Morgan Lambert on What to Eat???
It's nice when the family are into photography and are willing to lend you kit.My daughter and I both have Nikon.

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